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Sight-seeing in Kangerlussuaq
All year
Come on a sightseeing trip, which includes a visit to the harbour, the area round Kelly Ville, a tour of the former American Base "Bluie West 8", and a trip to the sledge dogs.
During the trip the particular history of Kangerlussuaq and the base is outlined. There is a chance of seeing both mountain hares and artic foxes during the trip. During the summer months, it is sometimes possible to spot peregrine falcons, gerfalcons and eagles along to route.

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Garnet rock
May - October
Guided drive/hike to the Garnet Rock. We drive to the top of Tacan, from where we continue down the hill past "The big Salt lake" out to the Garnet Rock, bringing with us our lunch, coffee and tea. By the Garnet Rock, you can find blocks of stone rich in red garnets, which can easily be chipped away by using a hammer and chisel.

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Dog-sledge trips 2 hours
January - April
Try the fascinating life on a dog-sledge.
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Dog-sledge trips 4 hours
January - April
Dog-sledge trip on a frozen Kangerlussuaq Fiord or up to the Lake Ferguson.

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Ice fishing on the fiord
January - April
Go on a fishing trip during the winter approx. 15 km out the Kangerlussuaq fiord.
We drill holes in the ice for fishing.
Transport by car and snow scooter

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The northern lights - evening excursion
October - April
During the winter, we have some of the world's most impressive Northern Lights here in Kangerlussuaq.
This magnificent sight is visible on all evenings with cold, clear weather.
We drive out of Kangerlussuaq by car - to get away from all forms of artificial lights.

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