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About Sisimiut

Hospitality has always been an important part of the Greenland culture. This is of course a consequence of the fact that from a historical point of view we have lived in small and rather isolated societies. The guests who visited the societies were more or less our only connection to the outside world and therefore we welcomed them.
During the last decades, the development has been incredible. Aeroplanes, ships, telephones etc. have meant that our part-isolation has been broken. The development has also resulted in new requirements, however, the connection to the outside world is still important to us.
Therefore, it is always our pleasure to welcome people to Sisimiut. We hope that you will enjoy your stay and that you will get a good impression of our society and the magnificent nature surrounding us.
Sisimiut has 5460 inhabitants and is therefore Greenland's second largest municipality. Our position in the middle of Greenland gives us a combination of the North and South Greenland culture and habits of life. Furthermore, Sisimiut is a modern town with a fast increasing rate of growth.

The traditional main industry of the town is fisheries and we are the home town for the world's most modern shrimp processing factory. However, in recent years where the fishing industry has experienced rough times, it is the land based sectors in particular that have had more success.
In Sisimiut we work hard to make our guests benefit from their stay. As a growing tourist destination we keep on offering more and more arrangements.
Welcome to Sisimiut.


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