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Boat Trips in Sisimiut

Summer is time for sailing - and people sail a lot in Greenland!
On most of the sails you will get a chance to see seals, whales and birds. You will never forget a nice sail in one of the inlets of the area. The sails which may last from a couple of hours to a whole day are arranged by people acquainted with the locality and who have a wide knowledge of the Greenland history, culture and nature. A sail to the present and closed down districts of the municipality is recommendable. The same applies to a combined sail and hike.

Catch your own dinner


Food always tastes better outside, and what about catching it yourself? On fishing trip after the red fish and cod in the area around Sisimiut every one will be instructed in cleaning the fish. The delicious fresh fish will be served with accompaniments for everyone to enjoy.


Visit the abandoned settlement Assaqutaq


In the 60's and 70's a lot of settlements in Greenland were closed because people chose to move to the bigger cities to find jobs and to benefit from the modern facilities. Assaqutaq which lies at the bottom of the south side of Kællingehætten is one of those settlements. It is used as a summer camp by the local schools and in June theres is a lot of activity because people from Sisimiut come to the area to fish Ammasetter, a small fish used as dog food. One the short hike through the settlment we'll pass the old fish factory, the summer camp and the beautiful old church.


Dinner at sea

Experience the calm about deep sea fishing. It's just you, a jig, the sea and the fish. We pick the best place for fishing depending on the tides.


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