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Cultural Trips

As people have lived around Sisimiut for thousands of years, you will find a beautiful town with an impressive history and a relating culture.
In Greenland, art, culture and nature are very closely connected. Here, nature is so immense and man is so small that nature forms a natural setting for everything. Visit the museums, exhibitions and the art shops where you will find this combination which is on the decline most other places in the world.
The Sisimiut Museum:
The Sisimiut Museum is a culture-historical local museum and its speciality is the Greenland trade, industry and shipping. The museum is housed in the beautiful old buildings originating from the colonial period. It lies close to the harbour.
Art Workshop:
In the old warehouse down at the harbour, you will find the local arts and crafts workshop where the local artists make their beautiful work of art.
The workshop has no regular opening hours but is open whenever some of the artists are working. You are always welcome to drop in.
The town's kayak enthusiasts have started a kayak club called QAJAQ. In the club house, the members may build and repair their kayaks.
The kayaks are positioned in racks outside the club house and are worth a closer look.
Culture-Historical Ancient Monuments:
In the area around Sisimiut, you will find culture-historical ancient monuments. Some of them date back to the Saqqaq culture. You can either explore the areas on your own or choose to participate in a guided tour.
Skin Workrooms:
There are two skin workrooms in Sisimiut - Natseq and Panigiit - which prepare sealskin in the traditional way. Here they produce anything from jackets to slippers. However, they also produce many interesting new things using sealskin, musk wool etc. In addition to the many beautiful sealskin products, Panigiit has Greenland stones and other kinds of souvenirs. In both workrooms, you may buy their products, which will be wonderful memories or excellent ideas for presents.
Knud Rasmussenip Højskolia
The high school was inaugurated in 1962, and in 1977 it was extended with Arnat Ilinniarfiat (the women's high school). The school is both occupied with social subjects and offers a varied number of courses, e.g. in skin processing and ski instruction, which is primarily aimed at the Greenland population. The high school has in the autumn of 2002 disposed a serial of stone sculptures around Sisimiut, which were made by course participants from all over Greenland. These stone sculptures can be seen at the airport area, at the building of the municipality, at Gertrud Rask Minde-children's home, at Arnat Ilinniarfiat and at Knud Rasmussenip Højskolia itself. If you like to have a showing round, this can be arranged according to your wishes.
Stone Exhibition
In the hall of Bygge- og Anlægsskolen (the building and construction school), you will find an interesting stone exhibition with beautiful stones from all over Greenland and other countries as well. It is possible to visit the exhibition during the school's opening hours.
City Tour by bus


Experience most of Sisimiut by bus. We will be visiting the craft workshops in the old Royal Greenland Trading Company warehouse, the museum in the old town with its gaily-painted beautiful houses from the colonial period and the famous entrance gate made out of a whale's jawbone. In the fascinating open fish and meat market "brættet" your guide will tell you all about local fishing traditions and the catch of the day. We will also stop at the citys highest point from which there is a beautiful view.

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"Kaffemik" at a Greenland Family

When you celebrate an occasion etc. in Greenland, you have a "kaffemik" which means "may I have some coffee, please?". Kaffemik is not just afternoon coffee but an invitation for coffee and Greenland cake or buns. Here, people tell stories. You will visit a Greenland home and hear a little about the family's daily life.

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