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Snow Scooter Trips

In recent years, snow scooters have become a very popular leisure vehicle when people want to leave the daily life in town quickly. After a 10 minutes' drive, you find yourself in a magnificent nature filled with experiences and adventures.
The snow scooters are used as means of transport to the ski lift as well as in connection with arranged trips of various duration.
You may either drive together with an experienced snow scooter driver or rent a snow scooter and drive yourself together with a guide.

Snowscooter ride to the observation point at Kangerluarsuk Tulleq (Første fjord)

The landscape to the east of Sisimiut is the perfect playground for snow scooters and you will be out of the town and on your way within minutes. The area is divided into certain zones that are restricted to dog sleighs. Your guide will make sure you stay outside zones that are off limits to snow scooters, and try to direct you to the route that best matches your preferences with regard to level of difficulty and speed. As a rule, you pass the local ski lift and then head into the nearby fjord which is worth a stop to admire the view. You can drive the scooter yourself or ride as a passenger with your guide or travel partner.

Go to WOGAC.com to read more and book the Snowmobile tour to the lookout point


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